Best Mascara for Sensitive Eyes

Mascara is an important instrument of eye makeup which basically functions to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. There are various chemical ingredients combined to create mascara and some people find that certain products are irritating. If your eyes are prone to irritation, please consider the following list of best mascara for sensitive eyes.

1. Lilash

Based on many women’s experiences with mascara, Lilash Eyelash Stimulator does not irritate sensitive eyes yet it functions well to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. This product is safe to use regularly every day. According to the product description, a regular use for two weeks will create visible results.

Eyelashes will appear darker and thicker as well. It is considered the least irritating mascara as it uses natural substances as ingredients. Lilash Eyelash Stimulator is safe even when applied to the lashes of the most sensitive eyes.

2. Dior Show

Dior Show is one of the most reputable mascara brands in the market. It actually has a wide range of mascara products for both insensitive and sensitive eyes. Especially for sensitive eyes, Dior Show Iconic Mascara is worth considering. This product does not only feature friendly-ingredients, but also nicely-designed cut brush which will help you to apply the mascara properly.

The brush features long skinny teeth that allow you to be able to separate each lash. Even better, the ingredients are enhanced with hold formula to deliver 24-hour smudge-proof effects. Product description also states that Dior Show Iconic Mascara is originally manufactured for fashion shows and other luxurious red-carpet occasions.

3. Clinique

If you need to find the best mascara for sensitive eyes, Clinique offers two popular products in this category including High Impact Mascara and Lash Power. The best thing about High Impact is that this cosmetic is able to withstand humidity and heat. The product has been tested by ophthalmologist, and it is proven safe to use for sensitive eyes or people who wear contact lens.

Another recommended product of the same brand is Lash Power. This formula remains on your eyelashes for 24 hours and it is able to withstand rain, humidity, tears, and sweat. Furthermore, it is easy to remove with warm water.

4. Sephopra’s Fresh Supernova Mascara

The good thing about Sephopra’s Fresh Supernova Mascara is that it is formulated from the combination of meadow foam seed oil and alcohol-free substances. It is safe to use for people with sensitive eyes yet it is able to bring shiny effects to the lashes.

The mascara does not contain possibly harmful ingredients such as synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfate, and others. It may not enhance the color of your eyelashes, but it can strengthen and lengthen them.

5. Prescriptives

Completing this list of best mascara for sensitive eyes is Lash Envy Volumizing manufactured of Prescriptives. This product may only deliver effects for as long as 12-hour at a time, so it is probably necessary for you to apply this cosmetic twice a day.

Based on product description, this mascara is able to improve eyelashes volume by 200%. Another good product from the same brand is Plush Mascara


Basically, cosmetics that are made of natural ingredients are safe for your skin. They will not bring any possible side effects even when used frequently or daily. The list of best mascara for sensitive eyes above is compiled based on consumers’ experiences and reviews. If your eyes are prone to irritation or allergies, you may to put the list into account.