Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes: Tips and Applying Guide

Choosing the proper eye makeup for hazel eyes can be slightly difficult at times. People generally need to use cosmetics to enhance good appearance of the eye color, but hazel eyes have distinguishable features from combination of brown, brown gold, and green.

It requires careful attention to prevent the makeup from ruining the beautiful eye color. Here are makeup tips for hazel eyes.

1. Eyeshadow

This instrument is notably the most important part of all eye makeup. There are actually some good eyeshadow options for hazel eyes including purple. All cosmetics typically apply the basic color combination principles. Depending on the color tone of hazel eyes you have, you can pick the proper eyeshadow easily.

Purple tone is actually quite dark, but when applied to hazel eyes, it can really enhance the natural shade of eye color. Thanks to its slightly dark tone, it helps you to highlight the appearance of such beautiful eyes.

Besides purple, you can also use brown, light rose, pearl, and even deep green. Purchasing an eyeshadow in color palettes is a good idea to allow you to experiment with many different color combinations.

2. Eyeliner

eyeliner for hazel eyes.As mentioned earlier, eye makeup for hazel eyes applies basic color combination principles. Therefore, if you have a good knowledge about combining or contrasting different colors, you should be able to bring out you natural color of hazel eyes. The next important instrument after eyeshadow is eyeliner.

The basic rule is that the color of eyeliner should not be greatly contrasting the color of eyeshadow. To avoid having too much amount of contrast, you should use dark-colored eyeliner such as black, dark brown, or gray. Hazel eyes also have greenish appearance, so it is also good to use green eyeliner.

3. Mascara

Unlike eyeshadow, the choices of mascara are very limited for hazel eyes. To avoid over-dramatized appearance, you should not wear any of black, blue, or green. While some dark colors and green are allowed for eyeshadow and eyeliner, they are not recommended colors for mascara.

The best option available for hazel eyes is brown mascara. If you need to bring out a different appearance, you can try using dull brown or black gold tones. However, it is suggested that you always opt for brown shades mascara.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Hazel Eyes

After you have decided the most appropriate colors, you must consider the proper methods to apply eye cosmetics. Please put in mind that you will combine many different colors, so you will want to carefully apply the cosmetics to your eyes in order to see the best possible results.

Here is a step-by-step guide on applying eye makeup for hazel eyes.

1. Apply moisturizer

The first step is always the same for all cosmetics. You need to thoroughly wash your face using cleanser. If necessary, use eye makeup remover. Before applying moisturizer, make sure that facial skin is rinsed. Cover the entire facial skin with the moisturizer, except the eyelids.

2. Primer Eyelid

The first eye makeup to use is eyeliner. Apply this cosmetic on the bottom and top eyelids of both eyes. Please remember that an eyelid is always thin on the inside and heavy on the outside. Primer eyelid may help to even the colors of eye makeup and reduce oiliness. It will also help to make the entire process easier.

3. Apply eyeshadow

As previously mentioned, you can use an eyeshadow in color palettes to create many different color combinations. Sometimes, to create the desired color, you will need to combine some colors directly on facial skin. Once you have decided the most appropriate colors to use, apply the darkest color to the crease of eyelid. You will want to do this delicately so the color is even.

You should start from the inner corner to the outer corner. The next step is applying the lighter shade of eyeshadow. You need to apply this to brow bone which is located slightly above the crease eyelid. The most important thing is that those two shades should blend very well.

4. Eyeliner

Take your eyeliner and apply the color along the top eyelid. You should move the instrument from the inner corner of the eyes to the outer corner. Perform the same procedure when you apply eyeliner to the bottom lids.

5. Mascara

Next, take an eyelash curler and use it carefully. Mascara is the last instrument to use in eye makeup for hazel eyes. You may want to use smudge proof mascara for better longevity.