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Don’t Do These 7 Things When Applying Eye Makeup

In general, eye makeup makes you more beautiful, but applying such cosmetics is quite a cumbersome matter. It is the main reason that people hire professionals to help them to apply the cosmetics properly during certain occasions. If you want to try to use eye cosmetics without professional’s assistance, please don’t do any of the following mistakes.

1. Sloppy with Eyeliner

Applying eye makeup requires a sequence of actions, and each step must be performed carefully. Otherwise, the eyeliner will clutter your eye areas and ruin your day. Normally, the first step is making small strokes close to the lash line. You will continue by smoothing the strokes with liner brush. The boldest strokes should be around the outside edges of the eyes, but the strokes become smoother toward the inside.

2. Wrong Colors

Eye makeup mistakesChoose only eyeliner that compliments your natural eye color. For examples, blue eye color goes nicely with bronze or gold eyeliner, while red skin matches green color corrector. Nonetheless, some people have problems with dark under-eye circles which make everything even more difficult. Do not use purples or grays simply because they highlight your flaws instead of hiding them.

You can use pink concealer to mask those dark circles, and then cover it with another color that is half of a shade lighter than your natural skin color.

3. Tweezing the Eyebrows

A better option is to wax them and try to keep the natural shape. Overdoing the eyebrows can make good makeup look ugly. Eyebrows are very strong facial features that frame the entire face. It is wise to keep them tidy and clean without using tweezers. Moreover, tweezing eyebrows can be painful and time-consuming.

4. Overwhelming Makeup

More eye makeup does not necessarily make you more beautiful. You are trying to polish the eye areas, so that they emerge your natural beauty. Cosmetics can beautify your appearance, but it should not overwhelm your eyes. It is fine if you are going to a Halloween party, but overdone eye makeup cannot be good for many other occasions.

5. Very Light Concealer

Once again, color choice plays a major role in this case. The main function of a concealer is to create uniformity between colors on your face. It can mask large pores, dark circles, age spots, and other blemishes. Please try to use a concealer that does not contrast the natural skin color. It is always good to use a light-colored concealer, but the very light one makes bright circles around the eyes.

6. Frosty Shadows

If you intend to wear jewelries, please avoid shiny or frosty eye shadow. Let the jewelries shine their colors, so do not add more light from the eye shadow. When someone captures images of you, the eye shadow will reflect lights, and it usually makes your pictures look very bad.

7. Wearing Colored Lenses

There are actually many problems with using colored contact lenses for cosmetic purpose. Light that enters your eyes will make pupil dilation, so the when the size of the pupil changes, your eyes can become weird. Also, avoid contact lenses (for cosmetic purpose) if you have astigmatism problem.


Eye makeup can change your appearance dramatically in either good or bad way. If applied properly, it can actually allow you to highlight your most beautiful face features. On the other hand, it possibly makes you look very bad when you choose the wrong colors, overdoing it, or use the cosmetics with clumsiness.

How to Do a Smokey Eye for Hazel Eyes

Smokey eye brings a gorgeous appearance that will only improve your total appearance. In fact, it is a highly important part of glamorous makeup used by many people in special occasions. Below you will find a step-by-step guide on how to do a smokey eye for hazel eyes properly.

1. Decide the colors

It is essential that you decide the most appropriate smokey eye colors before you start applying any cosmetic instrument to the eyes. For hazel eyes, the options are varied depending on the most dominating color.

Hazel eyes typically consist of three colors including green, brown, and blue. Brown eyes can be combined with blue, bronze, and even plum. Green eyes look great when you apply purple or pink. If the dominating color is blue, you can use silver, grey, or orange.

2. Bring the proper tools

It is good to prepare all the necessary tools even before you start applying colors. Creating smokey eye appearance may require you to concentrate for few minutes.

Smokey eyeYou will not want to leave the vanity table only to find missing equipment. In this procedure, you may need 2 – 3 shadow brushes and cotton buds.

3. Remove all cosmetics

As usual, you need to remove all the previous makeup from your eyes. Use eye makeup remover if necessary. The previous cosmetic may leave some colors and you will not want those colors to ruin the new combination you want to create.

4. Tweeze your eyebrows

Eyebrow may distract your attention when applying the makeup, but it is not yet the time to apply mascara. To accommodate this issue, you can use tweezers to shape the eyebrows. You have to perform this step before applying anything.

If you leave the eyebrows untreated, you may need to tweeze them later in the middle of the process thus resulting smudged appearance.

5. Use Primer

The main function of primer is to make the entire cosmetic features last longer. If you apply primer, eye makeup will possibly last from morning until evening. Besides primer, another important part of foundation is concealer. You can use your daily concealer to hide dark circles underneath the eyes. You need people to notice the smokey eyes, not the dark circles.

6. Eyeliner and eyeshadow

At this step, you should have chosen the appropriate colors on all instruments including eyeliner and eyeshadow. Apply the eyeliner as close as possible to eyelashes on upper lid. Create feathery line by smudging the color. Apply dark-hued eyeshadow to cover the entire lids. Move from inner corner to outer corner. Use light-hued eyeshadow to highlight the center of eyelid.

You may also want to brush the dark-hued to the lower lash line as well. Create multiple thin layers of eyeshadow and add white color to the eye corners.

7. False lashes

Use your mascara and false lashes. Make sure the additional lashes are strongly attached or glued to the real ones.

8. Clean up

Use the cotton buds to remove all accidental smudges. If necessary, apply more concealer.


The procedures in creating smokey eyes are similar for all eye colors. The more important things are actually the color choices. By following the above guidance on how to do a smokey eye for hazel eyes, you can create excellent color combination to make people notice the great work you apply to your eyes.